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The Band


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You are bound by this disclaimer, if you do not go by it then you will be contacted with consequences.


here are instances of objectionable content and language included in the pages of this website. Depending upon the audience, it may offend.

The opinions expressed here are my own and only my own. You may take them or leave them due to the fact that humans formulate individual opinions. The fact is that you have no obligation to view any of my writings and I expect that if you do, you will respect me and yourself by not disrespecting my views. Though I have no problem with a friendly debate or discussion on differences of opinion, I would appreciate if viewers would not outright insult my ideas.

Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable and welcome, as long as it is, in fact, constructive. I appreciate my audience very much.

Of course, all writings, photos, and graphics are copyright to their respective owners or creators. In this case, this person would usually be myself. If you wish to use anything that I have created for your own personal use, take the time to send me a quick email and ask my permission. As long as I receive credit and/or a link on the site using my creations, I will always agree to your usage of them.

Any names mentioned on this site is under the control of them. If they don't want there name on here, then they can tell me to take it off.



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