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Age: 17

Favorite Bands: the mars volta, At the drive in, roadside monument, thursday, minus the bear, raft of dead monkeys, the blood brothers, bill gates apple juice, botch, modest mouse

Favorite Food: cadbury creme eggs, hummus (not home made), lamb milkshakes?, clam chowder, taco salads with ranch.

Favorite Movies: Fear and Loathing in las vegas, a clockwork orange, fight club, apocalypse now, all the godfathers (3 was good! shut your fucking face!)

Favorite Books: IT by stephen king, The Narnia books by CS Lewis, farenheit 451 by ray bradbury, on the road by jack kerouac

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday nights

Favorite song of all time: first 3 songs on relationship of command -ATDI

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